This time last year…

I was welcomed into a family like no other. I met some of the most remarkable people in my life. They welcomed me and accepted me with no judgement. We are all worlds apart and yet we would spend entire night together.

Magie, Maisha, Minal, Jazba, Daim, Shazzy and Haris; I thank Allah everyday for introducing me to you guys! You have no idea how much I love you all and appreciate you! JazakAllah :)

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    Awww Jaanu!! I missed you so much for our anniversary!!
  2. ninjazpenguinzz said: love you ny sabzi :) x
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    bby i remembered our tumblr fam anniversary too! ahahah but i did not have internet to express the feels T_T I am back...
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    and I miss you all so much. We need to get back together okay, I don’t know how we all are so apart right now..