thefortunatemuslim replied to your post: my Tumblr fam ditched me -.-

I’ll be back after maghrib!

    Until you come back I shall wait here like a loser XD

ninjazpenguinzz replied to your post: my Tumblr fam ditched me -.-

We Love Youuu! xD

     I thought you were asleep missy! Lair! -.-

Jazba Daim thefortunatemuslim ninjazpenguinzz

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    but you’re a sabziwali:P I’m there lol
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    I have been on since you asked me to join -.- I am waiting there like a loner you paniwali!
  3. ninjazpenguinzz said: I didnt go sleep..I said im gonna watcj PLL! ¬__¬ LOL